Dive In

Just before the country began shutting down and sheltering, my husband and I spent part of a weekend in historic Charleston. The first leg of the trip was work related for him, the rest was fun for us. On our first night we dined in a quaint, but savory little restaurant in the small town of Ridgeland, South Carolina. The eclectic decor and diversity of the customers at Fiddler’s Seafood was a perfect balance. The atmosphere was friendly and slow, like you find in many local eateries here in the south. It was apparent that many were “regulars” and some, like us, were just passing through. It was both surprising and familiar all at the same time. There were no flashing lights or huge highway signs pointing us in the direction of that little “hole in the wall” eatery – only the high recommendation of the young man at the hotel desk. And he wasn’t kidding – the seafood was yummy!

I grew up in a small town, and I still live in one. I know better than to “judge a diner by its cover”. Many of the local restaurants in my hometowns and surrounding communities have often been unassuming, but boy, what delicious food! There is something to be said for walking in and being greeted by half the dining room or the waitstaff knowing your order by heart. I find it heartwarming to see neighbors and friends sitting in the booths beside us. Getting the chance to catch up is “icing on the freshly made cakes”, and nothing beats some great home cooking! I am sure missing the treat of eating in those familiar little diners these days. “To-go” orders are fine and necessary, but I sorely miss the atmosphere and the comforting smiles of friendly faces. As soon as life is able to resume beyond quarantine, you can bet your boots I’ll be heading out to dine in all my favorite places! If you just so happen to find yourself passing through one of our quaint little towns here in the south, don’t turn up your nose and drive on past that little dive by the roadside. Turn around, come on in, and find yourself a seat – we’ll fix you right up!


Published by Elizabeth Sharpe

My name is Elizabeth Sharpe, but to most, I'm just "Beth". I am a wife, mom, educator, and lover of all things good and kind. I love to share my stories and reflections to connect with others. It is my hope to encourage and inspire readers in some small way as we journey life together.

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