Promises, Promises

I took this photo in Charleston several weekends ago. My husband and I spent some time walking around the Battery Park on our last morning before leaving. For some reason, springtime seems different to me this year. It smells fresher and looks brighter. The earth appears to be breathing in the clean and exhaling beauty. No doubt, our world coming to a slow halt has played a large part in that rejuvenation.

For those of Christian faith this day signifies new life. In many cultures, springtime is symbolic of beginnings and hope. Nature is stretching and waking out of its deep sleep – flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, life is renewed. Spring brings us the reassurance that life will continue. I find this season holding more promises than just those in nature. The slowness of time has given us the gift to rest our souls and renew our spirits if we will only accept it. The rebirth of kindness and compassion is evident in spite of being physically separated from one another. Even in the midst of having to make countless, sudden adjustments in our lives, springtime has come to remind us that change can surely be a very beautiful thing. I’m going to hold it to its word.



The Angel Oaks at Battery Park
Charleston, SC

Published by Elizabeth Sharpe

My name is Elizabeth Sharpe, but to most, I'm just "Beth". I am a wife, mom, educator, and lover of all things good and kind. I love to share my stories and reflections to connect with others. It is my hope to encourage and inspire readers in some small way as we journey life together.

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