About Me

I’m Beth Sharpe – wife to my college sweetheart, mother to three amazing young adult children, career educator, and lover of books and beaches. I enjoy teaching, traveling, and laughing with friends. I love gardenias, baby toes, snowflakes falling, and the smell of summer rain. I really wish I loved coffee and wine, but most days this southern girl is happy having a tall glass of sweet tea – with lemon, of course. And I also love to write. This blog started largely in part because my college-aged children scolded that my Facebook posts were always too long. That was a fair statement. They said I needed a blog – so here we are!

Since the time I started school, I have loved writing stories and sharing my thoughts on paper. When my teachers would assign a creative writing project, most of the class moaned. I was thrilled! Write a story with all my weekly spelling words??? No problem! I wrote lists (still do), stories, in my diary, kept journals, and documented scrapbooks. At some point between becoming a wife, mother, teaching full time, and life, it all became chaotic, and my writing ceased. Social media became my outlet of expression, but that’s not really an ideal space. So now I have created a place to share all the thoughts, reflections, and stories running through my head – a place to hopefully bring people together. Connecting people and places is important to me. I can only speculate as to why that is, but that’s a story for another day. I write from the heart about the things I treasure most. It is my way to relate to others. I believe we all have a lot more in common than we often realize. It is my hope you will find that to be true, as well. My wish is for each visitor here to find encouragement, inclusion, and inspiration on these pages. Please join me here anytime – you are most welcome!



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